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Step 1. Download the Contributor Agreement Form
  • For all manuscripts in the ICTA 2023 Proceedings, authors must download the Licence to Publish Proceedings Form (PPF) [Click here for the PPF form] must be submitted by the corresponding author.
  • By filling PPF with adequate information (signature, full name, date, address, email), the authors formally grant specific permission to Springer to publish their papers.
Step 2. Prepare Your Final Manuscript
  • The camera-ready versions should not exceed eight pages. The authors must prepare papers strictly following the Springer templates and the ICTA 2023 guide.
  • All papers must adequately address reviewers’ feedback and revise potential paragraphs and sentences for plagiarism.
  • For using third-party material in the manuscript, authors must visit the Rights Holder website or Copyright Clearance Center Marketplace []. If the material is not found, please exert your best efforts to use our Permissions Request Form [Click here for the PRF form] and/or Release Request Form [Click here for the RRF form] (to obtain permission from interviewees or other identifiable individuals or the owners of identifiable property in the source material) for your request. If the rights-holder issues their own form, please ensure that the document they provide includes all Required Rights.
  • An example of a camera-ready paper is available [Click here for the sample camera ready sample]
Step 3. Upload your final manuscript to the EasyChair (must be done ONLY BY corresponding author)
  • Two Camera-ready versions (.PDF and .DOC files) must be submitted to the EasyChair with the file name: ICTA_2023_PaperID.pdf and ICTA_2023_PaperID.docx (e.g: ICTA_2023_120.pdf and ICTA_2023_120.docx for paper ID 120). Check that all paper information in EasyChair matches the information on the camera-ready PDF file. Detailed information (title, abstract, etc.) appearing in the conference proceedings will be taken from EasyChair and not from the submitted PDF file.
  • Log in to EasyChair as you did to submit the original paper.
  • Click on the “proceedings author (Full papers)” link,
  • Next click on “View” to access the paper page.
  • Then click “Update authors” to update author information (Ensure ALL paper authors are included on the author list and in the correct order.)
  • Click on “Upload new version” to submit ALL files of your papers.
  • Choose 3 tabs to submit the DOC file, PDF file and PPF signed form file:
  • Depending on your file size and internet connection speed, it may take a few minutes to upload. A confirmation message will be displayed if the file is uploaded successfully. You will also receive a confirmation email with the details of your submission.


  • Publication fee: Foreign authors: 200 USD/ 1 paper
  • Vietnamese authors: 3.500.000 VND/ 1 paper
  • Name of beneficiary: TRUONG DAI HOC CNTT VA TRUYEN THONG
  • Account number: 111000023016
  • Bank name: Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (Vietinbank)
  • Branch Name: Thai Nguyen
  • SWIFT code: ICBVVNVX220
  • Bank code: 19201001
  • Description: ICTA 2023 the registered person’s full name paper’s ID (e.g: ICTA 2023 Nguyen Van Nam 120).


  • Please be aware that bank fees may apply and that participants are responsible for any bank fees (including the remittance fees from your own country of origin and Vietnam). The banking account information for the transfer must be accurate. Publication fees will not be refunded. Confirmation of registration will be sent as soon as your payment is verified.
  • Please submit your final manuscript and publication fee NO LATER THAN 12 p.m. on 10th October 2023. The EasyChair system will be closed after this deadline.
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